Indonesian Starlet Sugimin Hidayatullah Joins Real Madrid For 7 Million Euro

The genius of Jorge Mendes, one of the world’s greatest football super agents has struck again. Following the miraculous transfer that saw the Portuguese wonderkid, Bebe moved to Manchester United two seasons ago, Mendes has proven his stellar reputation in the market after he brokered a transfer of Sugimin Hidayatullah to Real Madrid for 7 million Euro.

Sugimin, 20, a young Indonesian starlet who plays as a winger has been secured by the Spanish giant after the club is convinced by his sublime talents which are considered to be miles above his peers. Real Madrid believes that Sugimin’s raw talent will be nurtured even higher once he’s in the state-of-the-art training facility in Madrid. The array of Sugimin’s extraordinary football skills including the lightning pace to beat opposing fullbacks and superb footwork to dribble the ball, the wonderful skill-set he said to acquire for continuously playing Indonesian traditional game, Taplak, since he was a little kid.

Sugimin will be expected to fly to the Spain’s capital once he completed the administration and paperwork in Jakarta but a group of local journalists have raised suspicion about the bombastic transfer. Real Madrid’s manager, Jose Mourinho claimed that he had never seen Sugimin played in person and the transfer was conducted merely based by the recommendation of Mendes. There’s also a rumour that the transfer was done after Mourinho received a whisper from a Divine Entity, hence the surname of the player.

This move is like a Cinderella story for Sugimin who was raised on the banks of River Ciliwung in Jakarta. Following the path of Bebe, Sugimin didnt signed to any professional club until 2 years ago and spent his playing time mostly in local underground league across the archipelago, known as Tarkam. Sugimin wowed the scouts in the regional Tarkam match in downtown Kendari, South East Celebes, after he dribbled past 5 opposing defenders with a shuffle dance and celebrated it with Mick Jagger style.

The great news of Sugimin’s move has spread through his neighborhood and met with joyous euphoria in the borough of Manggarai. Dangdut carnaval has started in the area and said to endure for 7 consecutive days. A giant banner has been unfurled in the hood and the words written on it, “Sugimin Hidayatullah, the Pride of Manggarai-upon-Ciliwung”.

Sugimin has become instantly popular in Madrid and the locals baptized him with the nickname, El Piji, after the explosive liquid petroleum gas in Indonesia that has taken many casualties.

When confronted by the gathering journalists outside his riverside residence about his move that has shocked Twitterland, Sugimin answered briefly in Spanish, “Idiota”.